Monday, January 23, 2012

Flash Mob (Flashmob) Dancing In Education

There is a phenomenon around the world called the “flash mob”. The first one I saw was a few years ago done in a Belgian train station to a remix of Julie Andrew’s Do-Re-Mi.
The next big one to catch my attention was the Black Eyed Peas version of Got a Feelin’ for Oprah’s anniversary in Chicago. 20,000 people turned out for that one.
In May, 2010 Eurovision had a song contest for the world’s largest flash mob dance held simultaneously in 10 cities across Europe. Madcon won with the song GLOW and the choreography was put up on YouTube to learn. I decided to make this my final unit for the year and each class chose a song to choreograph and I taught the entire elementary school of 650 students the Eurovision version of GLOW.
Sections 3 and 4 were a bit too challenging for little ones so I simplified it using a couple of moves from Oprah and 2 line dance steps. If you do it, add your own flavour or get some talented students to work with sections 3 and 4.

Here is my abbreviated list on how to choreograph a successful school Flash Mob Dance:
  • Choose a song with an appropriate message.
  • Enlist the help of talented students or older siblings/teachers with dance experience.
  • Do all actions to a count of 8.
  • If you do something on one side, do it again on the other side.
  • Keep the actions BIG, and high in the air.
  • Start with a few students and have more and more join in.
  • It’s easy to remember repeated sections than always adding new ones.
  • Say aloud what action you are doing.
  • Have a strong ending.
  • Keep it simple and HAVE FUN!

If you would like to organize a Flash Mob dance in your school, you might be interested in purchasing my recent 12-page guide titled "Flash Mob Dancing in Education" from  My guide will provide you with direct links to popular Flash Mob songs as well as step-by-step choreography moves.

If you are located in Greater Vancouver, BC, I am also available for a negotiable fee to organize or assist with your school event.  .

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