Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Teaching Moments: Pyjama Day

So ... My school had health week where we focused on something different every day that week. I was looking at the focus topics and came upon "Pyjama Day". "Great!" I thought. What on earth can I do with my music classes on "Pyjama Day"?

I started looking around on the internet and found lots of relaxation music and guided imagery stories so I decided to do that. I told the students to bring their favorite cuddly toy, blanket and pillow to music on this day. It was so great to see a long line of students, class after class, toting their teddy bears, pillows and blankets.

I had a carpeted room that I used for performances next to my classroom and had decorated it with a number of those battery fiberoptic lamps that change color (from the Dollar Store). When the students entered, lovely music filled the air as they found a place to lie down and get comfortable. I had a few stories prepared, and one on tape (Quiet Moments by Greg and Steve). I left the music on very soft and helped them do a simple relaxation starting from their toes up to their nose, taking deep breaths. Slowly the room became very still as the students felt themselves "become wet noodles" and sink into their blankets.

After that we took an imaginary trip on a cloud with Greg and Steve. Greg's voice is so velvety and soothing. To finish the class I put on another piece of soft music and started the story to a magic garden. Then I let them finish the story on their own using their own imagination. From grades 1 through 5, the students said "I want to stay!" When the class came to an end ... and from then on, students asked for our little piece of "magic" to finish every class.


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