Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Sky's the Limit: Brain-Compatible Notetaking

A Mind Map is a very powerful graphic method which allows you to take notes while accessing the "whole" brain ... it uses the full range of cortical skills: language, pictures, connections, relationships -- awareness in a single unique manner.

The "Mind Map" originated and was trademarked in 1970 by Tony Buzan from England. This highly effective notetaking technique has since spread worldwide and is used by millions of people in all occupations.

This technique is one of many accelerated learning methods, to illustrate "whole brain learning" and releases the tremendous potential of the "brain".

Advantages of Mind Mapping

  • Mind Maps work the way the brain works, by associating randomly … not in nice neat lines. Radiant NOT linear!
  • Any idea has thousands of links in your brain … Mind Maps allow these associations to be recorded and reinforced.
  • The brain remembers key words and phrases, not sentences … just try remembering a number of sentences “exactly” from memory!
  • Because one uses key words and phrases, a lot more information will fit on the page.
  • Mind Maps are visual … the brain remembers pictures better than words.
  • Starting in the centre gives each detail equal importance rather than traditional numbering, not necessarily in order of importance.
  • The organization of a Mind Map is similar to the way your brain organizes ideas.
  • Because of its visual structure, Mind Maps are easy to review … like taking a mental picture.

My 15-page PDF book The Sky's the Limit will teach you the basics of mind mapping. Included in this package is also a companion 17-page PDF book Believe You Can Draw by Dave Feuring. These can be purchased and downloaded online as one package from TeachersPayTeachers. A free preview download is also available.

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