Friday, October 16, 2015

To sleep or not to sleep!

Latest research tells us that the optimum time for sleep is 7-8 hours a night. Any less or more time is detrimental to our health and has been linked to weight gain, diabetes and heart disease just to name a few problems.

Not only does your body use this time to regenerate and heal, but your brain uses this time to re pattern and organize thoughts and ideas.

Try a few of these techniques to ensure a deeper and longer night’s sleep:

1. Use a nightly pattern (30 – 60 minutes) to de-stress and wind down from the pressures of the day …yes, that includes turning off your phone and computer.
2. Lower the lighting, put on some soothing music (examples follow), and make a cup of herbal tea like Mothers Little Helper from David’s Tea.
3. Once in bed, lie on your back and put your hands on your belly or abdomen. Take long, deep breaths into your belly or abdomen to make them rise into your hands, like filling a balloon. Keep your attention on your breath instead of daily “mind chatter”.
4. Another one of my blog posts guides you through a sequential tightening and letting go of each body part starting with your toes.
5. Put on the sound of waves or Largo tempo (50-70 beats per minute) classical music. There are specific CDs that have been sequenced at the correct tempo to help slow down your heart beat. Suggestions are MOZART EFFECT Volume 2 by Don Campbell and the series RELAX WITH THE CLASSICS by the LIND INSTITUTE.
6. Don’t forget to put essential oils (1-3 drops) in your diffuser. My favorite potion is 1 drop each Marjoram, Lavender, and Lemon.

Sweet dreams!

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