Saturday, September 17, 2011

Introduction to the "Sound" Classroom

The future is here already.  Education has to make dramatic changes to the way students’ experience “school”, compared to the classrooms we know of yesterday and today.

By reading and using the information in this book, your students will get a chance to use ‘whole brain’ learning, a method which recognizes that teaching to both hemispheres of the brain is equal and necessary for a complete education. Your vision, like mine, can enable us to make a difference and make our schools better than our wildest dreams.

I hope this book adds a new dimension to your present knowledge of music, Imagine holding a prism to the sun and watching the colors change as you move it. The “SOUND” CLASSROOM will encourage you to view the use of music from a different angle, to improve your teaching and, more importantly, your students’ learning. We have always known the power that music has over our physical and mental states - from improving digestion to getting our heart pumping through aerobic exercise. There is NO substitute for well-chosen music to affect our state of being.

I plan to discuss how you can use music in the classroom both as a relaxant and a stimulant to achieve greater results - for focus and concentration, for controlling physical and mental energy, for increased coordination, performance ability and more.

Music is all around us but in general, our knowledge of its connections to our lives is at an all-time low!

As I work with young children and have used some of the techniques I have been amazed at how their focus and enjoyment has increased over a short period of time. I invite you to try some of the ideas suggested in the following pages and to share your findings.

I do not pretend to be an expert, only a teacher who realizes that music and creative thinking is the key to giving our children and future leaders the edge they will need to shape fulfilling lives.

I urge you to become familiar with such innovative artists as Vangelis, Yanni, Medwyn Goodall, and Stephen Halpern, who give us music that is stimulating, uplifting and in tune with heart and soul.


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